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There are reasons why we have been receiving the patronage of all our customers for so many years.

  • Knowledge of customer priority. Quick response.
  • Response/support by our staff. Extensive experience.
  • Close ties with local communities. Reasonable price. These are the obvious reasons...The foremost reason is being professional in firefighting equipment.

Reason 1: Easy-to-understand counseling

“For example, aren’t the fire alarm and sprinkler installed in a location where smoke does not reach?”

“Inabou” carefully checks (not just on the drawings) on the actual site, and while checking the site, Inabou verifies the installation location and installation facilities of firefighting equipment with an approach of the right man in the right place!
There is a wide variety of building structures also. Inabou does not merely carry out the inspection and installation work, but also ensures reduction in unnecessary costs of the firefighting equipment while taking care of its safety aspect by carrying out the review from a practical viewpoint.

“For example, has attention been paid to the safe usage of evacuation equipment by everyone living there?”

General evacuation equipment are mostly developed for the use of adult men. Also, the reality is that, in most of the cases, the explanation is done from the perspective of people who are healthy.
We provide counseling in consideration of

ご高齢の方 生まれたばかりの赤ん坊 お体の具合の悪い方

etc. and by paying fine attention to the details of “visited sites” and “all the people who live there”.

Counseling by Inabou. We try to provide a detailed and easy-to-understand explanation to the first-timers and also to those who are considering a review.

Please consider our convincing firefighting and disaster prevention measures during a counseling session prior to the design and installation!

Reason 2: State-of-the-art know-how

“There are various types of firefighting equipment. Please rest assured that we can deal with any kind of equipment … from conventional equipment to the latest one.”

Every employee of ours is always in the pursuit of state-of-the-art technology and spares no effort on a daily basis in becoming capable of dealing with any kind of equipment. That is the attitude of Inabou.

We get a lot of work from the referrals of fire department and we receive installation requests directly from manufacturers.
We support you in cooperation with experts from neighborhood associations and firefighting and disaster prevention professionals.

Authorized distributor of Hochiki Corporation, Nittan Ltd. and Miyata Ltd.

We also offer the equipment on lease! (It is profitable in case of condos with large number of households or large-scale facilities). So, please do contact us!

Reason 3: Standby power supply of firefighting equipment

“Is the firefighting equipment of that building OK?”

Planned power outage and rolling blackouts (prolonged and fixed-hours power outages occurring in “emergencies” such as an earthquake)

At such times, there is a possibility that firefighting equipment may stop working! Reason may be the aging of equipment or battery-down! A standby power supply is either not provided in the first place, or even if it is provided, the normal backup battery stops functioning as it cannot withstand the discharge time.

Please carry out tasks such as given below.
Measure 1): Pay more attention to fire and carry out patrol vigilance more carefully than during the normal times.
Measure 2): When power returns to normal from a power failure situation, charge the storage batteries.

*“Residential smoke detector”, which does not have a built-in battery, cannot sense fire in the event of a power failure.

  • We provide a free-of-charge support within Inagi city!
    We do accept out-of-town inquiries as well.
  • Be rest assured that you will experience meticulous attention that is
    unique to Inabou. If you are planning to review your firefighting
    equipment and preparedness, do it right now!

We provide support for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year