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Firefighting equipment must demonstrate the function with absolute certainty in response to the fire which may occur any time!

For that purpose, in the Fire Service Act it is required that the people concerned (owner, manager, and occupant) inspect, report, and properly manage the firefighting equipment at the property under fire prevention measures.

Firefighting equipment inspection

Inspection items

More than once in 6 months

■Operational inspection

Confirmation of normal operation of emergency power supply (limited only to the non-utility generation facility) or power driven fire pump installed as an attachment to the firefighting equipment

■Appearance inspection

Confirmation of appropriate arrangement of firefighting equipment, presence of any damage, and other items which can be identified mainly from external appearance

■Functional inspection

Confirmation of items which can be identified from external appearance or simple operation in terms of the functionality of the firefighting equipment

More than once in a year

■Overall inspection

Confirmation of overall functionality of firefighting equipment based on its type by operating entire or part of the firefighting equipment


The person conducting inspection

■The person responsible for giving inspection report
Owner, manager and occupant of the property under fire prevention measures
■The person conducting inspection
Authorized firefighting equipment manager or person qualified for conducting inspection of firefighting equipment


The building requiring inspection

  • ■Specified property under fire prevention measures having total area more than 1,000u
  • ■Items specified by the fire chief or head of fire department at the non-specified property under fire prevention measures having total area more than 1,000u

*Property under fire prevention measures other than mentioned above. Property under fire prevention measures present at the floor other than the evacuation floor having no provision of more than 2 staircases (1 staircase if effective evacuation structure is provided outside the building) that directly lead from the floor other than the evacuation floor to the evacuation floor or to the ground


Items requiring inspection

■Fire-extinguishing equipment (fire-extinguishing machinery, tools and equipment that use water or other fire extinguishing agent)
・Fire extinguisher, indoor and outdoor fire hydrants, sprinkler equipment, foam fire extinguishing equipment, gas fire extinguishing equipment, and powder fire extinguishing equipment
■Alarm systems (Detectors, alarms and notification facilities which must be installed inside the building for reporting the fire)
・Automatic fire detector, gas leakage fire alarm system, short-circuit fire alarm, fire notification device, and emergency alarm system
■Evacuation equipment (machinery, tools and equipment used for evacuation when disaster such as fire occurs)
・Evacuation equipment (ladder, escape chute), guide light, and emergency lighting
■Facilities for firefighting activities (facilities installed mainly for the convenience of fire department in conducting firefighting activities. Not for the use by general public)
・Smoke control system, connected water supplying pipes, and auxiliary facilities for radio communication

“Where to report?”

Place for submitting inspection report

  • ■Mayor of the municipality having fire-defense headquarters reports to the fire chief or head of the fire department and the municipalities not having fire-defense headquarters report to the mayor of the municipality
  • ■The report period depends on the use of the building.
  • ・Specified property under fire prevention measures: Report must be submitted once in a year.
  • ・Non-specified property under fire prevention measures: Report must be submitted once in 3 years.
  • ■Report on result of inspection of firefighting equipment and special firefighting facilities defined by the fire department

Flow of inspection

Property under fire prevention measures inspection

For certain properties under fire prevention measures that are accessed by many people, person from owner and occupant, who has internal management authority, is responsible for conducting the periodic inspection by qualified person for fire prevention, and is required to report the inspection result to the fire services.

■Among the specific use properties under fire prevention measures, inspection needs to be conducted for “buildings having seating capacity of more than 300 people” and “buildings having only 1 interior staircase and specific use in the basement or above 3rd floor”. (*See Figure-1)

■ This inspection does not aim at maintenance and management of firefighting equipment but
it is conducted for “Items necessary for fire prevention such as status of fire control and installation of firefighting equipment”.

  • Is Fire Protection Manager appointed?
  • Is the firefighting, notification and evacuation training conducted?
  • Are there any items kept on the evacuation floor which may become an obstacle for the evacuation?
  • Are there any items kept on the evacuation floor which may interfere with closing of fire-retarding door?
  • Is the flame retarding capacity label attached to the goods under the flame-retarding requirement such as curtains?
  • Are the firefighting equipment/facilities installed based on the standards of Fire Service Act?

Overall capacity of the property under fire prevention measures

List of properties under fire prevention measures

Specified properties under fire prevention measures

  • ・Theater, movie theater, entertainment hall, viewing stand, strip show theater
  • ・Auditorium, assembly hall
  • ・Cabaret, cafe, night club, pink salon, lingerie pub and other similar places
  • ・Game hall, dance hall
  • ・Stores running sex-related special businesses (fashion health, sex establishment in which staff dress in costumes (schoolgirl, nurse, etc.))
  • ・High-class Japanese entertaining restaurants (machiai), restaurants and other similar properties
  • ・Eateries/Restaurants
  • ・Departmental stores, market and other stores or exhibition hall running merchandising business
  • ・Japanese inn, hotels, hostels and other similar properties
  • ・Hospitals, clinics, and maternity homes
  • ・Welfare facilities for the aged, pay nursing homes, long-term care health facilities, relief (shelter) facilities, correctional facilities, child welfare facilities (excluding home for mothers and children and children recreational facilities), public assistance facilities for disabled (limited only to facilities occupying disabled), relief facilities for mentally handicapped people, and facilities for social rehabilitation of mentally handicapped people
  • ・Kindergarten, school for blind, school for deaf, and school for handicapped children
  • ・(*1) Among public bathhouses, steam bath house, sauna, bath house with private room (Soapland) and other similar facilities
  • ・(*2) Multiple use properties under fire prevention measures including above-mentioned specific use
  • ・Underground shopping center
  • ・Semi-underground shopping center

Non-specified properties under fire prevention measures

  • ・Dormitory, lodging, apartment house
  • ・Elementary schools, intermediate schools, high schools, specialized vocational high schools, colleges, specialized training colleges, various schools, and other similar facilities
  • ・Library, museum, art gallery, and other similar facilities
  • ・Public bath houses other than those listed in (Specified fire prevention properties *1)
  • ・Vehicle depot, ship arrival and departure or aircraft take-off landing platform (only the building provided for passenger boarding & alighting, and waiting)
  • ・Shrines, temples, churches and other similar facilities
  • ・Factory, workshop
  • ・Film studio, television studio
  • ・Garage, car parking
  • ・Aero-plane or rotary-wing aircraft hangar
  • ・Warehouse
  • ・Workplaces (offices, banks, courts) which do not correspond to any of the previous items
  • ・Multiple use fire prevention properties other than (Specified fire prevention properties *2)
  • ・Important cultural properties, important ethnic cultural properties, historic landmarks and structures certified as important artwork
  • ・Arcade having total length of more than 50 m

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