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Inagi Bosai Setsubi Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Inabou”) understands that the personal information is an important asset in today’s advanced information communication society. Inabou recognizes that the correct handling of personal information is important responsibility of Inabou and declares to strive for the protection of personal information based on the following company policy.

Compliance with rules and disciplines relating to protection of personal information
Inabou handles the personal information appropriately in compliance with the laws and regulations relating to protection of personal information and other norms.
Acquisition of personal information
Inabou takes efforts to clearly define the purpose of use when acquiring the personal information, and obtains the personal information by legal and fair means.
Use of personal information
Whenever Inabou obtains personal information, it uses such personal information within the scope of the purpose stated at the time of acquisition and uses it only to the extent necessary for business operations. Inabou may share personal information with the third party, or may entrust handling of personal information to the third party. In that case, Inabou undertakes supervision to ensure an appropriate usage of the personal information by the other party of the shared use and the third party.
Providing personal information to third parties
Inabou will not provide personal information to third parties without the prior consent of the user, except when required by laws and regulations.
Management of personal information
Inabou maintains the accurate and latest personal information, and manages it safely. Inabou takes necessary and appropriate security measures to prevent the loss, falsification and leakage of the personal information.
Disclosure, correction, suspension of use and erasure of personal information
Inabou recognizes that individuals have the right to request disclosure, correction, suspension of use and erasure of their own personal information. Inabou has set up a personal information consultation desk and responds promptly to such requests in accordance with the laws and regulations.
Organization and structure
Inabou exercises appropriate management of the personal information used in business activities, and establishes the system for proper handling of personal information in business activities.
Formulation and implementation of internal rules for protection of personal information
In order to execute the personal information protection policy, Inabou has formulated internal rules for the protection of personal information. Inabou ensures that they are disseminated internally through training, and maintains them in the best condition by continuously improving them.
Personal information consultation desk
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