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Recommending new installation, expansion, improvement & repair, and renovation of firefighting equipment

  • The current equipment is little insecure!
  • What is the life of the equipment? During inspection, faults and defects are found in the equipment!
  • The layout is changed and equipment needs to be added!
  • The equipment is not legally approved! (Model is outdated)
  • Received warning from the Fire Department!
  • Revisions in “Fire Service Act”, equipment must be installed at the earliest!
  • We conduct counseling sessions prior to the design and installation and install the firefighting equipment by ensuring “peace of mind + right person in the right place” from the perspective of the customers who are using the building.

Fire-extinguishing equipment


While it is generally referred to as equipment that extinguishes fire, there are various types. Considering the application and suitability for the installation location, we install optimum equipment/facilities such as water spray, foam and gas fire extinguishing systems including the fire extinguisher, sprinkler, and fire hydrant equipment to which everyone is familiar with.

Alarm system


This is an important equipment that plays a role in notifying the abnormality to people in that building.

There are different equipment that detect the abnormality for different troubles such as fire, gas leakage, and short circuit. Some facilities such as equipment that directly notify to the firefighting services or the emergency broadcast facilities are mandatory to be installed depending on the intended use of the building.

Evacuation equipment


The guide lights that illuminate the emergency exit route, evacuation ladder, and escape chutes that assist in accessing the emergency exit route fall under the category of evacuation equipment. We construct these facilities after properly investigating the site from the perspective of a professional by imagining the emergency situation.

Other fire extinguishing equipment


These equipment are not for the general public but are mainly used by the firefighters for their activities. Sprinkler system with hose connection, connected water supply pipes, smoke control system, auxiliary facilities for radio communication, emergency power supply system, etc.



You can rely on us for the customization (made-to-order) of the firefighting equipment.

We are excellent in the creation of easy-to-understand drawings using CAD up to the management of drawing data! Whenever required, we provide support rapidly.

Track record of reliable installations

One-stop service for firefighting equipment. For the firefighting equipment, you can count on us from design to installation.