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Kojiro will also do his best!

Our condolences are with all those victims who suffered in Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake that occurred on 11th March (Friday) and had its epicenter off the coast of Sanriku. We pray for early restoration and reconstruction of the region.

In our hearts, we cherish the nick name “Inabou” that is given to us by all and the trust that has been shown in us. We are committed to continue being a company that is devoted to carrying out exchange activities with local communities and providing unwavering support to the safety of all.

We would like to cherish the shining and smiling faces of all

CEO: Yoshihiko Narabe

CEO: Yoshihiko Narabe

《Other major positions》
Inagi City Disaster Prevention Association
President of Tama-Inagi Crime Prevention Association
Inagi City Council for Special Remuneration Vice Chairman
Inagi City Safety and Security Town Development Promotion Council
Inagi City Fire Department Committee Member
Inagi City Traffic Safety Measures Committee Member
Inagi City City Planning Council
Hachioji Regional Occupational Health Center Steering Committee
Inagi Little Senior Baseball Association Advisor
(As of August 2020)

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