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What we can do

  • We do not know when a disaster will occur, but it can happen anytime...
  • So far, many people have lost their precious lives due to disasters such as earthquake or volcano which have a power to take away valuables in a moment.
  • Is there anything we can do right now?
  • Disaster prevention in true sense is prevention before disaster happens...
  • To prevent and reduce the damage during massive disaster,
  • in the initial stage of the disaster, everyone from the local community should mutually cooperate and “protect one’s own region”.
  • One’s own efforts to protect own body,
  • One’s efforts to give helping hand to the people around,
  • is the form of “Voluntary disaster prevention” organization.

Why is it necessary?

  • ①Because the damage is expected to be so large that it cannot be handled by individual or few people
  • ②Because there will be shortage of manpower from firefighting services at the time of massive disaster such as massive earthquake
  • ③Response capability of fire services may become insufficient due to shutdown of transportation means and communication means, or cut off of electricity, gas and water

It has been proven that the voluntary disaster prevention activities of the region at the time of massive disasters occurred in the past have played a major role in damage mitigation.

What is the role played by voluntary disaster prevention?

  • ①Information collection and transmission (collection and prompt transmission of accurate and precise information)
  • ②First-aid firefighting (First-aid firefighting using fire extinguisher)
  • ③Rescue and relief operations (Rescue or first aid for injured people)
  • ④Evacuation guidance (evacuation of residents)
  • ⑤Food and water supply (such as emergency food distribution and procurement of supplies)

We, at Inabou, are proactively engaged in the efforts for voluntary disaster prevention through regional activities.

From formation of organization up to activities, we provide all kind of support collectively and committedly to anyone who is interested in taking efforts for voluntary disaster prevention!

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